Combining and Finalizing


This week I am combinning and finalizing my headset prototype. I printed out another LED chimney and attached to the headset. And now it looks like this.

The next step is building out the app to my iphone but I am having a hard time with software and system version conflicts. I am building my app on an Iphone6 plus with ios 11.3.1 on a 10.12.6 Sierra Macbook pro (mid 2012 model).

Versions Conflics Problem

Xcode: The problem starting with Xcode, my Xcode is 9.2 which only support up to ios 11.2, when I tried to build app to my iphone, the warning window poped up. So I have to update my Xcode to the latest version. However, it also required my MacOS to be latest which needs to be higher than High Sierra 10.13.2.

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 11.53.16.png

MacOS: I checked my system update and it shows my MacOS system is the latest, so I went to app store and manually downloaded a High Sierra system update, it then install the High Sierra system on my Macbook. However, the update page on App store only install 10.13.1 which still not capable to work with Xcode and also need to manually update to 10.13.3 after found a update pakage here.Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 12.06.30.png


NVIDIA and CUDA: After my system updated to 10.13.3 it then can be update from App store to 10.13.5. I open my Unity to continue working on project and nothing shows up. I then found out the new macos system High Sierra doesn’t compatible with NVDIA driver for the graphic card, it also showed a “Update Required” on CUDA preference setting. After some research, I found a post talking about fullly compatible driver with High Sierra here .

Right now the macOS’ native graphics driver that help the system communicate with the nVIDIA GPU, is still not updated to the really compatible version. So what we have to do here is to install the “web version” of the driver, which is an OFFICIAL version from nVIDIA, it’s just not a “native version” from Apple.” 

After I removed my NVIDIA driver and installed the web driver, my unity can work fine now.

Screen Shot 2018-06-10 at 21.26.05.png

Unity version: I was then able to build the app on my Iphone but it can’t detect the image target from my device. Screen shot when iPhone running the app

So I rebuilt the app from unity and it shows another error, it shows the problem of my unity version, I was using 5.6.1. I went to update my Unity to the latest (2018.1.4), which then logged out more errors and I have to went down to 2017.4.3. It then works fine not without logging out errors.Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 06.28.34.png

Unity version 2018.1.4, error messages  Black screen issue

After all the version updated, I successfully build the app to my iphone with a new black screen issue. It is still one of the bugs from Xcode 9.3, I found a tutorial on youtube to replace iphone support file with the older version.

I am still working on this and hoping the fix the problem this week.

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