A three-player AR/VR game

Created for iPads, Andriod phones and Gear VR using Unity3D, Node.js, Socket.IO, Particle API, OculusVR, Vuforia, Blender, Adobe Illustrator, Particle Photon, 3D printing and Laser cutting


RABBOT is my MDes thesis project exploring the possibilities of generating shared awareness in a virtual reality (VR) experience between a head-mounted display (HMD) wearer and other observers in the same physical space. The final outcome of RABBOT features a modified VR head-mounted display and three-player asymmetric mobile game experiences with an embedded communication system to create opportunities for shared awareness amongst players. In the game, the participating observers can play cooperatively as Scientists to against the HMD wearer who is playing the Rabbot. Overall this thesis project argues that an engaging VR experience should not focus exclusively on the HMD wearer but also include other audiences to address and engage the relationships and interactions between them.

Full thesis paper can be found here


The isolating design of virtual reality (VR) head-mounted displays (HMD) is typical in the single-player experience - immersing one into a virtual environment. This often creates a situation in which only one headset is available but no opportunities for engagement are made accessible for other people nearby. This isolation in VR cuts off social connections and awareness between the virtual world and physical world, between the HMD wearers and other observers. Additionally, the current offerings in the consumer electronics market of the head-mounted display have a dull appearance, which also shows the lack of attention in terms of design for other audiences.



Project management for both written document and prototype making.

3.Conceptual Framework

A diagram to define possible users, solutions and relationships among them.

4.Prototype Map

I made four iterative prototypes and extracted useful approaches after evalutions.

5.System Overview


7.Colors & Typography

8.Branding & UI

9. Physical Making

10.User Testing

VR Player

What part in the virtual reality experience did you find the most interesting?
  • Rabbit ears on the top of VR
  • Being able to communicate with other players while being visually isolated in a separate scene
  • Shooting with my mind + mechanical ears
  • I liked that there was connection & interaction between the players even if not everyone was in VR
  • Looking around the scene for the ball
  • Looking for the ball / The environment was cool
  • Interact with virtual objects
  • Environmental experience
  • The graphics! So pretty
  • The incentives - winning (finding the ball). Rabbot most fun.

Non-VR Player

How did you find the Rabbot app to use and why?
I like...
  • the AR feature that allows the interaction with VR player
  • simple, but can be more complex + difficlut
  • scanning part
  • how my actions directly affected other players
  • that it was very user freiendly and initiative
I don't like...
  • that there isn't much to do
  • the map. It was difficult to see where I should or could move
  • mainly just technical problems. Other wise fun.
  • Keep losing pionts


What the Futures?

Toronto Media Arts Centre, April 2019


Design Exchange, April 2019


Hilton Toronto, April 2019


OCAD University, May 2019

Future Education Festival

Evergreen Brick Works, May 2019