Mai is an interactive art installation focusing on the theme of the environmental issue in China. The author has collected the daily average data of PM2.5 between 2012 to 2015 in Shanghai, visualizing them into Chinese watercolor painting.

PM2.5 is believed to be the main pollution causing the haze problem. Particles lower than or equal to 10 micrometers in diameter are so small that they can invade the lungs and potentially cause serious health problems. Ten micrometers is smaller than the width of a strand of human hair. Coarse dust particles (PM10) are 2.5 to 10 micrometers in diameter. When PM2.5 becomes higher on a particular day, the ink in the painting will become darker and mountains from distances will transform into shadows resembling smokes. When Pm2.5 lowers on a particular day, the ink will become lighter.
Two objects were placed in front of the painting, one is a lantern representing the human civilization and the other one is a bottle of the plant which represents nature. It’s your choice to choose which object to interact with. If you get closer to the lantern, the painting will disappear in the dark. If you hold them or touch the plant, the plant will start to talk to you heart-to-heart.
The author is trying to raise awareness of environmental protection by creating an aesthetic and interactive artwork through this art installation.

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