Phoneless Xmas

Christmas has always been this time of the year when people, friends, and families get together. Nevertheless, with the new generation’s continuous addiction to mobile phones, people forget that they are surrounded by others even when they deliberately go to events such as Christmas dinners. People tend to immediately get distracted.

The only solution is to be away from phone screens and this Christmas tree is the right solution and excuse.

Inspired by the new unconventional style of modern Christmas trees, and the conventional tradition of bringing family members to collaborate in the Christmas decoration and engaging them in a social activity, this project saw the light.

1-Host installs the tree at home, and send the link to his guests.
2-Guests browse to the link provided, and every phone would have a different color of Christmas ornament on the screen. Guests then place their phones in one of the clear sockets on the tree.
3-Interaction:  Christmas ornaments on the screen swing back and forth with the rotation of the phone. On tap, they also play different Christmas sounds and wishes of Merry Christmas in several languages of the world.
4-Outcome: As long as phones are away guests are forced to be social and engage with everyone taking back the Christmas dinners to how they used to be.

Group members: Yiyi Shao, Jad Rabbaa

IMG_7913 2IMG_7914 2

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